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adnan sami weight loss journey – Adnan Sami lost more than 100 kilos

Adnan Sami did a lot of hard work to get to a healthy weight and keep it off. His story should inspire people who think it's hard to get back to a healthy weight they had before.

Adnan Sami, who sings, plays the guitar, and writes songs, just lost more than 200 kilograms. Even though it wasn't easy, it's definitely a lesson for those who think that impossible becomes true after a certain point, even though nothing in this world is permanent, not even your weight.

So, if you're looking for the right amount of motivation, here are five things you can learn from Adnan Sami's experience losing weight:

Even when doing the most simple tasks, you need to be dependable.

Adnan's plan to lose weight was simple. He stuck to some basic health rules all the time. Both Adnan and his fans were shocked by how things turned out. If done right, even small acts of kindness can add up to the best possible result if they are done in the right way.

The trick is not to make things too hard.

Even though many people said otherwise, he denied having surgery and said that a healthy diet and regular exercise were the only things that helped him lose weight.

As someone who used to be obese and weigh 230 kilograms, losing 130 kilograms is an amazing feat that many people found hard to believe. This is where the rumors came from.

Do it to help yourself.

Unfortunately, many people think that losing weight will make them look better and make them more attractive, so they quickly lose interest in the process.

Adnan Sami had said the following things during an interview: “I did it because I had to. There was no other reason. It was a question of being or not being. Still, this had to be done with a certain amount of self-control.”

This draws attention to both the harmful practice and the needless competition that exists around weight and beauty. Weight should always be looked at from the point of view of health, even though how attractive someone is is a completely different topic.

The effects of being overweight on a person's health are much worse than the effects of being overweight on their appearance.

Pay close attention to how your body is doing.

Because he was overweight, Adnan had to think about whether he would live or die. For him, the answer to that question was to start losing weight. He weighed 230 kg before he promised to lose weight and took an oath to do so.

Adnan says that he has never stopped being careful about what he eats and has never done anything that could hurt his health.

Make sure you are ready.

Planning is important for getting anything done, and Adnan's journey to a healthier weight is a great example. “I stuck to a pattern of eating a high-protein diet that didn't include any bread, rice, sugar, or oil. It was part of my routine to eat this way. I only wanted to lose a few pounds, but I ended up losing 130 kg instead. I didn't plan to do it, but it turned out that way. I think a lot about what I put in my mouth these days. I don't go out of my way to eat more than is good for me. I'd rather have a smaller amount of food more often than a bigger one.” He had told the media about his plan to lose weight.


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