two months' pay to make up for the loss of 14,000 thousand - फैजल शेख

two months’ pay to make up for the loss of 14,000 thousand – फैजल शेख

Faizal Sheikh talked about the time he worked in a perfume shop and broke a Rs 14,000 perfume bottle by accident. He said that the money from the last two months would have to be used to make up for this loss.

People talk about Mr. Faizu, who is also known as Faizal Shaikh and is popular on TV and social media, these days. In the podcast that Manish Paul made, Faizal talked about the things that had happened in his life. He talked about the long and hard path that took him from a poor background to international fame. In this scene, Faizal told a story about when he worked in a perfume shop and accidentally broke a bottle of perfume that cost 14,000 rupees. The store had made a lot of money off of the bottle.

When Faizal made a very big mistake,

Faizal Sheikh says he used to work at a store where 32 other women also worked. He was the only child in the group of adults who was his age. He said the following about the perfume story: “It was evening, and a beautiful customer came in.” I took her hand in mine and rubbed some perfume into it. Then I shook it so she could smell it. This is the right way to do it. When I saw him, my anxiety went through the roof, and I dropped the bottle I was holding by accident. 14,000 rupees was the price.

Payment equal to two months' worth of salary

He also said, “It will either be my second or third day at work.” Everyone in the group knew what I did, including the fact that I broke a very expensive bottle. The next day, I told the store owner what I had done wrong and said I was sorry. He told me that my pay for the next two months would be reduced by the amount of the loss. After that, I worked there for another two months before I decided to quit. I now have my own brand name. It came out on my birthday, and I've already gotten pre-orders worth one crore.

Faizal Sheikh's family was poor when he was born. The first money he got was fifty rupees. He used to sell things on the street in the city of Mumbai. Because of the videos he posted on social media, Faizal became well-known. He made movies of himself dancing and acting like other people. After that, he was on episodes 10 and 12 of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa and Khatron Ke Khiladi. Even now, many of Faizal's fans still like him a lot.

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two months' pay to make up for the loss of 14,000 thousand - फैजल शेख

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